Aurogra for a normal man

Administrator | Monday, 09 February 2015 12:45

Have you ever wondered what that extra fuller and harder penile erections means to your partner when you ponder your love all over her in the bed? The women love the fuller and hard penis and they yearn for the partners with it. There are articles all over internet that tell you how Aurogra works for erectile dysfunction or impotence in men but no article tells how it works in normal men. What a normal male will feel when he takes Aurogra for the first time just out of curiosity and to perform better out of the normal days once in a blue moon.

I took Aurogra after I consulted my doctor and he allowed me that I can take one pill in a week if I wanted to get better erections on some day. Therefore, I consumed a pill with plain water an hour before getting into the bed with my wife and it was empty stomach as instructed by my physician because presence of fat in the food may hinder the absorption from the gut and reduce the concentration of the main ingredient. Also, I was instructed not to drink any grapefruit juice the same day I took Aurogra.

Before taking the Aurogra, I understood how this medicine works and what the side effects of the drug are. After complete research I made my mind to try 25 mg which I purchased from an online store selling the medicine for lesser price than the pills being sold at the nearby pharmacy. One must be sure there are no ailments like high or low blood pressure, severely high cholesterol, heart diseases and ailments related to liver, kidneys, lungs and nervous system. After reassurance from my doctor, I was confident that I will not have any side effects if I take just one pill of aurogra 25 mg in 4 to 5 days.

Now here is my experience in the bed after taking the pill. After an hour, I was in the bed with my partner feeling excited and more confident than before and I got this rush of blood to the penis so that I felt the fuller erection that penis looked bigger than the normal days and I enjoyed a lot on that night. I knew my wife will ask me about it next day and she did which made me feel elated again. The erections just come up easily than the normal days and they are stronger.

One must realize that if he hasn’t consumed pill before, it is likely that the erections may last for longer than expected but in case, the erections stay for more than 1 or 2 hours just contact your physician immediately as it may cause permanent damage to the muscles of the penis.

One takes this tablet in case there is impotence or one lags hardness in the erections owing to any reason. This medicine is boom for the individuals working in stress conditions. Aurogra improved my sexual life to a great extent and you must try it as well.

Phillip Graham